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Buy 50-megavar Online

Buy 50-megavar Online. There are various different cutting steroids available on the market but the one that is featured is Anavar.  50- Megavar is basically the same thing, just a different packaging size and brand name. The steroid can be found under different brand names such as Oxandrin, Var and Oxandrolone. It showed up on the market in 1960’s but its wasn’t used for the same thing as it is used today.

It was helpful during treatments of conditions such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting and rapid weight loss. A decade later people realized how it can help them build hard and defined muscles. Not just bodybuilders but fitness enthusiasts as well as professional athletes started using it on daily basis.

Its anabolic property is 320 which makes it certain for some great results. If you have been looking for bulking effects, this is not the steroid for you. Mass gained during the cycle will not even be close to for example the one from Dianabol.  Due to its androgenic property of 25, your muscles will be lean and dry. Buy 50-megavar Online

Gynecomastia and water retention which are common estrogenic side effects among steroid users won’t be bothering you with Anavar. You will keep your gains even after ending the cycle. Female users can benefit even more than male users. Gains are not like with other bulking steroids, but they are still nice and underrated.

You will definitely be lifting heavier weights in the gym. Your recovery rate will be faster. Normally during caloric deficit, you will be exhausted but not if you decide to go for 50-Megavar. Your muscles will stay preserved while losing fat and providing you with great appearance. Some side effects such as suppression of testosterone and liver toxicity happen at high doses but don’t worry as this is one of the mildest steroids.

Anavar / Oxandrolone Dosages and Cycles

How you administer your Oxandrolone depends solely on your level of experience.Simply put, the amount increases as you get used to this product. Cycles should take between 6 – 8 weeks with the first-time users advised to start with the minimum 6 weeks before they can gain tolerance.

Dosage ranges depending on the users’ experience:

  • Beginners should administer 30 – 40 mg per day
  • Intermediate level users should administer 50 – 60 mg per day
  • Advanced users should administer 70 – 80 mg per day
  • Females users should have 5-15 mg per day

Also, a post cycle treatment (PCT) comprising products such arimidex / anagen is required at the end of an Anavar cycle. This way, your hormone levels stay at the normal level. Buy 50-megavar Online


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